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.navbar.navbar-default.navbar-fixed-top { margin: 6px 10px 0px 5px Bootstrap navbar is excellent and highly customizable horizontal navigation component. Learn how to use Bootstrap navbar to build responsive navigation bar or

Dec 28, 2016 · The navbar must have a position of fixed applied to it otherwise the image of the logo inserted before it would be pushing it down unless you have used some kind of negative margin to try and shift the navbar up over the top of the image.

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navbar-right padding broken when using navbar-fixed-top with 27 Nov 2015 The navbar right padding is broken when using navbar-fixed-top with /bootstrap-3-navigation-bar-right-margin-is-not-supposed-to-be-15px. Build Fixed, Responsive Navigation with Bootstrap | Practical 31 Mar 2016 But many new Bootstrap users have trouble with fixed navbars — navigation and jQuery (above version 1.1.9 and below version 3).